Before My Coffee

It’s early in the morning, and I am laying in bed trying to imagine a blog post. I have this desire to inform and inspire, but whenever I put those heavy expectations on myself I freeze up and nothing gets written anyway.

This blog is supposed to be about writing. So, instead of attempting to become my own personal Writer’s Digest. I’m going to just take the moment to step back and admire the large steps I’ve taken in my writing life these past few weeks.

I finished the first draft of yet another short story, and now I am facing the revision. If you are not a writer, than you may not realize just how difficult a first draft is to write. It requires you, as the writer, to envision an entire story full of characters, settings and plot from beginning to end.  It must be complete. There is nothing left dangling. So many potential writers never get to this point.

What’s even more exciting is the new scary project I started. I am writing a video game–slowly–because I don’t have much of the story line figured out yet.  All I know is, it’s an open world sandbox game styled similarly to Oblivion, but it takes place in Ancient Greece. It’s full of quests centered around Greek myth and monsters. It’s heroine is a young girl from Athens.I believe not enough video games are meant for women (if any) and female gamers make up a large percentage of the market.

No. I have no idea how to write a video game. I’ll buy a book. Yes. I realize it could be a large waste of time. But don’t you ever become bored by your own writing?

I always do.

In the past week I also received two more rejections and met some new writer friends.

That is what’s new in my writing life. What’s new in yours?


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