The Rocking Chair and the Moon–An Interactive Fairy Tale

1. One night, the fat full moon came down to talk to a young man. He lit a pipe and sat in a rocking chair that once belonged to the young man’s grandfather. Would you like to hear what the rocking chair thought of all this?

• If you are the curious sort and would LOVE to know, read part 2.
• If you never had a fondness for chairs and could really care less about their feelings, go to part 3.
• If you don’t like moons or rocking chairs and find my story ridiculous, go to part 8.

2. The old rocking chair was not happy to have the fat full moon sitting on its seat. Since the grandfather had died the rocking chair had enjoyed a happy retirement and the moon was awfully heavy, especially when it laughed at something the young man said. Would you like to know what made the moon laugh?
• If you are always up for a laugh, than read on to part 3.
• If happy laughing people make you angry, than read on to part 4.
• If you feel that you want to know the rocking chair’s story, than I suggest you head forward to part 5.
• If you are convinced that the moon is unable to laugh go to part 8.

3. The young man told the moon that it had very lovely dimples, and had always wondered why the moon had so many dark shadows across his face—especially because it seemed like a rather joyful spirit? The moon laughed ever harder when he heard the boy’s questions, but he was eventually able to give an answer. Are you curious to hear the moon’s reply?
• Yes indeed! The moon most is wise and knowledgeable! If you believe so, than part 6 is for you.
• If you are not a fan of the moon at all, and would like to tell him so, go to part 4.

4. The young man found the moon’s laughter rather offensive. “You are being extremely rude to your host! Laughing at me like that! Are you implying that I am stupid? Every person on earth wonders about your shadows, why laugh at such a serious question?’ The moon felt sad that he had hurt the young man so, but realizing that he had overstayed his welcome—he rose up out of the rocking chair and returned to the night sky.

5. The rocking chair wished that the young man would pay some attention to him for once. It felt much forgotten in its corner, and the young man had allowed dust to build up on the chair’s arms and seat. He began to rock back and forth and made the moon laugh more and more. As the moon laughed his glow washed over the rocking chair and made it feel as young and viable as the day it was first formed. The moon asked the young man asked the moon why it had so many dark shadows on his face.

• If you would like to hear the answer to this question, go to part 6
• If you want to hear more about he power of moon glow, than go to part 7.

6. The moon told the young man that the dark shadows on his face were wrinkles of course! “As old as I am young man, why wouldn’t I have wrinkles? Lucky for me I don’t feel as old as I am!”
• If you want to hear about what happened to the young man, than go to part 7.
• If you think that was hardly a wise or funny reply, than go to part 8.

7. The moon gave one last jolly shake and began to glow so bright that the entire room filled with light. As the young man struggled to see through the blinding light, the moon rose back into the sky in order to illuminate the dark night. To this day, the glow has still not left the young man’s eyes.
The end.

8. You clearly lack all imagination, and for you this story is inevitably over.

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